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“Sally’s Box’ skin healing story
from Pape Popo”

Pape Popo, a three-time million seller, has been reborn as a mask pack

Papepopo writer / Sung-hyun Sim

Pape Popo Story

The serial publication of Pape Popo began in a Daum web café in March 2002.
On October 23, 2002, the ‘Pape Popo Memories’ were published.
As of August 2013, five volumes of the Pape Popo series have been published
(Together: Oct. 2003, Andante: Mar. 2007, Rainbow: Oct. 2009, Wait: Apr. 2012) and a special volume of Pape Popo Promise (Apr. 2006).
Pape Popo is an animated cartoon series inspired by the themes of ‘love,’ ‘meaning,’ ‘relationship,’ ‘time’ and ‘memories.’


    Pape Popo

    Everyone has a memory
    they want to cherish in their
    hearts for life.


    Pape Popo

    I am indebted to so
    many of my friends who
    have come to stay at my side,
    consoling me whenever
    I suffered from loneliness.


    Pape Popo

    I do not wish to live life so
    much for the length
    of time permitted me.
    I wish to live for as much
    depth and width as possible.


    Pape Popo

    I want to be a person who
    visualizes what is invisible
    rather than aspiring to
    what is visible.
    There is a rainbow in
    my mind even on a cloudy day.


    Pape Popo

    There is happiness waiting for
    you just around the corner.
    Don’t give up and push yourself
    further just a little bit more!


A man of pure heart who resembles the sky,
Pape loves the color blue, green grasses and clear skies,
and he especially enjoys listening to music.
A symbol of innocence,
Pape’s pure heart has been hurt a lot,
so he finds it difficult to approach people easily.


A beautiful girl of bubbly character who dreams of romance and love,
Popo has beautifully lustrous hair that waves gently in the wind.
Popo is a kind-hearted girl who embraces Pape’s broken heart.

Sally’s box Loverecipe

Triple Water Wrapping Mask Pack for moisturized and clear skin
Sally’s Box Love Recipe Mask Pack
This mask pack was created with inspiration from the sweet love story of Pape and Popo.
Experience the sweet happiness and warmth contained in Sally’s Box Love Recipe Mask Pack that
provides the beauty from nature and is full of the story of Pape and Popo’s love and happy life.

Sally's box Secret Garden

A romantic secret garden for your tired skin and mind
Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Mask Pack
This mask pack was inspired by the happy wedding that was the fruit of Pape and Popo’s undying love.
The Secret Garden Mask Pack ampoule contains a lotion of ten highly concentrated
natural extracts that will soothe and moisturize your tired skin and body.

Sally's box Delight

"I want you to be happy…"
The joy of experiencing your skin becoming moisturized from deep within
This mask pack was inspired by the story of everlasting love and beautiful life that Pape and Popo enjoyed after their happy wedding.
Delight Hydro-gel Mask Pack offering long-lasting moisturizing!
Enjoy healthy and beautiful skin with the special moisturizing benefits of the Delight Hydro-gel Mask Pack.

Sally's box Frendly

"Moisturizing from head to toe"
Friendly Body Line Total Mask Patch to moisturize your dry skin
This mask pack was inspired by the story of friendship of Pape and Popo who share happiness not only between themselves,
but with the people around them. With the Friendly Body Total Mask Pack that moisturizes your body from head to toe,
share healthy beauty and happiness with your friends.