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Privacy Policy

INBETWEEN GLOBAL (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’) values customers’ personal information and complies with the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. Through the Privacy Policy, the Company informs how and for which purposes personal information provided by customers is used and which measures are taken for privacy protection. 

In case the Privacy Policy is revised, the Company will notify the revision through its website. 

ο This policy is put into effect as of April 13, 2015.

■ Personal Information Items for Collection

The Company collects the following personal information for membership management, consulting and service application purposes: 

ο Collection Items

The Company collects the following personal information at the time of membership application in order to manage membership information and status, to facilitate customer consulting and to provide various services: 

[Collection Items for General Membership Application]

- Mandatory Items: Name, ID, password, e-mail, mobile phone No., address, e-mail reception status and SMS reception status 

ο Personal Information Collection Method: Website (membership, consulting board, purchase by non-members), written form, sign-in through phone/fax, entry for prize giveaway events, delivery request, information from affiliates, utilization of tools to collect created information. 

■ Personal Information Protection for Non-members

In addition to members, non-members can purchase products and services. For non-member orders, only the personal information necessary for delivery and payment is requested from the respective customers. In case of a non-member purchase, information about the payer and recipient entered by the non-member customer is not used for purposes other than payment and product delivery. For non-members, personal information is protected in the same way as that of members.  

■ Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Utilization

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes:

ο Fulfillment of contract for service provision, service charge settlement, supply of contents, purchasing and payment, delivery and billing 

ο Member Management

Customer identification for membership-based services, individual customer identification, prevention of illegal service usage, prevention of unauthorized service usage, complaint handling, delivery of notices 

ο Marketing and Advertising

Development and specialization of new services (products), delivery of advertising information on events, service provision and advertising according to demographical characteristics, identification of access frequency, compilation of statistics for service usage by members 

ο Other

Limiting re-sign-in period, preservation of records for dispute settlement, compilation of statistical data 

■ Period of Personal Information Storage and Utilization

The period of personal information storage and utilization is as follows:

ο Storage Items: The same as collection items

ο Grounds/Justification for Storage: Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 

ο Storage Period: Information is retained while member qualification is maintained according to the service contract. However, even after withdrawal from membership, the Company stores member information for the following periods if necessary according to provisions of the related laws and regulations: 

Records on display/ advertising: Six months (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

Records on contract or subscription withdrawal: Five years (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

Records on payment and supply of commodities: Five years (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

Records on consumer complaint or dispute settlement: Three years (Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

Records on credit information collection, handling and utilization: Three years (Use and Protection of Credit Information Act)

Data on confirmation of communication: Three months (Protection of Communications Secrets Act)

■ Procedures and Method of Personal Information Destruction

In principle, the Company shall destroy information once the purpose of the information collection and utilization has been fulfilled. 

The procedures and method of personal information destruction are as follows: 

ο Destruction Procedures

Information entered by members for membership sign-in is transferred to a separate DB (Information in Paper Format: Into a separate document box) once the purpose of the information input is fulfilled and stored for a set period of time for information security reasons (see: Period of Personal Information Storage and Utilization) according to the Company’s internal policy and other related laws and regulations before it is destroyed. Personal information transferred to a separate DB is not used for purposes other than storage unless specified otherwise by the related laws and regulations. 

ο Destruction Method

- Personal information saved in electronic files is destroyed using technical methods to prevent reproduction of the records. 

- Personal information printed on paper is shredded using a paper shredder or incinerated. 

■ Personal Information Supply

In principle, the Company does not disclose customers’ personal information to the outside. However, exceptions apply in the following cases: 

- In the event customers have given their consent

- In the event customers’ personal information is requested according to laws and regulations or by investigative agencies according to the prescribed procedures and methods for investigative purposes

■ Consignment of Personal Information Collected

To carry out services, the Company has contracted/partnered with the following companies:

ο Consignment Target: Logen

ο Details of Consigned Operation: Delivery of goods and billing 

■ Rights of Customers and Their Legal Representatives and Exercise of the Rights 

A. Customers and their legal representatives can request viewing or supply of or correct the following information at any time:

1) Customers’ personal information held by the Company 

2) Details of customers’ personal information utilization by the Company or supply to a third party 

3) Details of consent to personal information collection, utilization and supply by the Company 

Customers can view and correct their information using [My Page] – [Modify Personal Information] menus in the Company’s website. In addition, personal information viewing and correction can be requested in writing, by phone or through e-mail to the Company’s Privacy Officer. 

B. Customers and their legal representatives can withdraw their consent to personal information collection, utilization and supply (withdrawal from membership) at any time.

You can withdraw your consent (membership withdrawal) directly at the Company’s website ([My Page] – [Withdrawal from Membership] menus) following customer identification. Or, write to, phone or e-mail the Company’s Privacy Officer, who will take necessary measures, such as destruction of personal information, without delay. Please note, however, that even after consent withdrawal (membership withdrawal), the minimum information required will be stored according to the related laws and regulations. 

■ Installation/ Operation of and Rejection to Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices 

The Company uses ‘cookies’ for saving and searching customer’s information. A cookie refers to a small text file sent from a server that is used in the Company’s website operation to the customer’s browser. It is saved in the customer’s computer hard drive. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes: 

Purpose of Using Cookies

A cookie is used for analyzing customer’s access frequency or visiting time, identifying customer’s tastes and interested areas, tracking customer’s traces, examining the degree of participation in various events by the customer or the number of visits by the customer, and thus providing information used for target marketing and individually customized services. 

Customers have a choice of three options for cookie installation. Customers can permit all cookies, be notified to allow a cookie to be installed each time such a request is made, or reject the saving of all cookies. 

Options for Cookie Installation

Ex.: To select the cookie installation option you want, select the option in the web browser you use. You can permit all cookies, check cookie saving each time or reject the saving of all cookies. 

Setting Method (Internet Explorer): Tools at the top of the web browser> Internet Options> Personal Information

Please note that you may experience difficulties in receiving services if you reject cookie installation. 

■ Civil Service Concerning Personal Information

The Company has installed the following departments and privacy officer in order to protect customers’ personal information and to handle complaints raised in relation to personal information:

Customer Service: Internet Business Team

Tel.: +82-1688-4881

- Personal Information Management Division: Business Team

- Privacy Officer: Yun-su Kyung <Name in Chinese>

* E-mail: 

* Tel.: +82-31-8003-4190

While using the Company’s service, customers can file in all complaints regarding personal information protection to the Company’s Privacy Officer or related departments. The Company will provide customers with sufficient answers in relation to the inquiries or complaints made.  

Should you need consulting on or reporting of other personal information invasion cases, please contact the following agencies: 

1. Privacy Invasion Report Center ( 118)

2. e-Privacy Mark Council (

3. Cyber Crime Investigation Center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( +82-2-3480-3600)

4.Cyber Terrorism Response Center, National Police Agency ( +82-2-392-